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Victor Martinez Joins Archipelago Advisory Team

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Archipelago is excited to announce the addition of Victor Martinez, founder and CEO of Gila Software, to our advisory team. Since 2017, Gila Software has distinguished itself by offering software development nearshoring services, tapping into the talent pool in Mexico and Latin America. Victor’s inclusion to our advisory team reinforces Archipelago’s commitment to integrating innovative technology and practices into the AEC industry.

Victor’s Professional Background

Before establishing Gila, Victor held various leadership positions in technology. He managed a global team responsible for maintaining and operating General Electric’s SWIFT and Harbinger/EDI payment systems, which serviced the corporate treasury. He served as a Director at Tiempo Development, where he led a significant portion of the development team. His expertise in leading remote teams effectively led to the creation of Gila, a company he successfully bootstrapped. Throughout his career, Victor has advocated for agile software development, a methodology that prioritizes flexibility, team collaboration, and a focus on delivering value to clients.

Looking Ahead

Victor’s direct experience in founding Gila Software and running a highly efficient remote company provides Archipelago with valuable insights for navigating the challenges of a digital-first environment. His advice will be crucial in optimizing Archipelago’s virtual operations and ensuring our services are responsive to the needs of our member firms.

His role with Archipelago brings technology and agile methodologies closer to our member firms, some of which are exploring ways to integrate software solutions into their operations. His knowledge and insights offer our members the chance to consult directly on software development initiatives, bridging the technological divide and making innovation more tangible and executable for firms within the AEC industry. With Victor’s guidance, our member firms have direct access to expert advice on developing and implementing software tools that can streamline their operations.

Join Us

By becoming a member of Archipelago, your firm will gain access to expertise in software development and agile methodologies, directly consulting with industry leaders like Victor to improve your operations and project outcomes. Together, we can drive innovation in the AEC industry through technology. Join Archipelago today.


About Archipelago

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