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Charting New Frontiers with UK's Fresh Projects

Founder Joins Advisory Team - Simon Berry, Fresh Projects

Archipelago is proud to announce the addition of Simon Berry to our advisory team. Simon is the founder of UK-based Fresh Projects, a project financial management platform for architecture and engineering firms. He will work closely with us to support and facilitate the implementation of Fresh Projects within our member firms.

The Genesis of Fresh Projects

Before founding Fresh Projects, Simon served as a Director at WSP South Africa, where he oversaw the nationwide implementation of Deltek Vision ERP. Recognizing the need for better project management tools in small to medium-sized firms, Simon launched Fresh Projects in 2014. It has since been utilized in over 150,000 projects across four continents, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for project management, fee estimation, timesheets, and more.

How Simon and Archipelago Will Work Together

In his dual role as an advisor to Archipelago and founder of Fresh Projects, Simon plays an important role in the growth of both organizations. He is leading the introduction of Fresh Projects to the North American market with support from Archipelago’s network. Our collaboration is focused on customizing Fresh Projects for our member firms while leveraging this opportunity to expand Archipelago’s membership by demonstrating our ability to provide innovative tools and advisory expertise.

Archipelago is facilitating this integration through a co-learning environment, fostering collaborative learning among member firms that opt to integrate the platform into their operations. Additionally, we are establishing feedback channels to enable the platform to evolve in a way that meets our members’ needs, aligning with North American standards and practices.

Join Us

Firms interested in leveraging Fresh Projects and joining a forward-thinking community are invited to explore membership with Archipelago. Our collaborative network provides access to innovative tools like Fresh Projects, along with a platform for shared learning and growth. Apply today to become a member of Archipelago and join us in shaping the future of architecture and engineering project management.

About Archipelago

Archipelago is a professional services network in the architectural, engineering & construction (AEC) industry that aims to connect member firms, boost productivity, and harness technology to meet the increasing demand for infrastructure and housing. Our mission is to empower firms by sharing knowledge, resources, and expertise, fostering innovation in designing sustainable development for future generations. Join our network today, and let's collaborate to shape a better future for all.