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Building Together, Shaping Futures

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Archipelago connects firms, harnesses technology and boosts productivity to accelerate the engineering and construction of infrastructure and housing.



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At Archipelago, we are motivated by the desire to shape the future. Our mission centers around empowering firms to meet the ever-growing demand for infrastructure and housing. We intend to realize this mission by facilitating connections between firms, enhancing their productivity, and transforming infrastructure through the innovative application of technology.

Our strategy is rooted in the concept of collective power and knowledge sharing. By fostering collaboration and partnerships among industry professionals - including engineering, architectural, and construction management firms - we enable our members to access shared resources and exclusive services. From cutting-edge CAD talent to marketing and proposal support, and client referrals, we equip our members to expand their client portfolios and elevate their service quality.

Our vision for Archipelago is to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of like-minded firms dedicated to mutual growth and advancement. We aspire to be the leading professional services network in the AEC industry, providing exceptional value to our clients through the collective strengths and expertise of our member firms.

Join us at Archipelago, and be part of an exciting journey towards building a better and more sustainable future for all.

Meet Our Team

Brian Liu Founder
Brian Liu
Dibin Jacob BIM & CAD Advisor
Dibin Jacob
Ali Nooshin Finance Advisor
ali nooshin
Simon Berry Fresh Projects Advisor
Simon Berry
Victor Martinez Software Development Advisor
Victor Martinez

How We Support Firms

Our members receive the talent, technology and technique to help them succeed.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Archipelago encourages member firms to work together and share best practices, helping you to stay up to date with industry trends and improve your services.


Client Referrals

Our network of member firms refers clients to one another, providing opportunities for collaboration and expanding your client base.


Business Solutions

Streamline proposals, project management, timesheets, billing, accounting and more.


Our member firms remain independent while reducing business burdens and accessing a wide range of expertise.

Our Member Firms


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Join Archipelago today and become part of a dynamic network of architectural, engineering and construction professionals. By joining us, you'll gain access to innovative technologies and systems, collaborate with other experts in your field, and take on larger and more complex projects that were previously inaccessible.

Let's work together to build a more sustainable future for our communities.