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Archipelago + LANDEV: Joining Forces for Mutual Growth

Archipelago and LANDEV logos

LANDEV, founded in 2021 by Dustin Christmas and Sean Blake in Gibsons, BC, combines over 27 years of civil engineering experience. The firm specializes in various services, including rezoning, subdivision applications, site servicing, road design, and stormwater management, serving both the Sunshine Coast and mainland British Columbia.

Currently engaged in over 30 active projects, LANDEV serves a varied client base, including property developers, architects, consulting firms, and individual homeowners. Their involvement in many projects, mainly through word-of-mouth, demonstrates their rapidly growing reputation for excellence and their important role in meeting a market demand for land development services.

Membership in Archipelago

As the first member firm of the Archipelago network, LANDEV represents the first of many milestones in our mission to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing in the AEC industry. Their expertise and openness to collaboration make them a natural fit with our network’s objectives.

Initially, LANDEV participated in a pilot project with Streamtime, an all-in-one project management SaaS managed by Archipelago. Following a successful pilot, they became a member of Archipelago. They expanded the use of Streamtime in their operations, enabling them to streamline budgeting & time tracking and automating job proposals and invoicing.

Joining Archipelago also opens new avenues for LANDEV’s plans for expansion. The network provides access to innovative technologies, collaborative project opportunities, and client referrals.

Looking Ahead

Archipelago is committed to advancing our collaboration with LANDEV, focusing on providing integrated solutions that will help scale their firm. Working closely with LANDEV will offer us invaluable feedback and insights to understand which processes and technologies yield the best results, enabling us to apply these learnings to other member firms.

Reflecting on this milestone, Brian Liu, founder of Archipelago, shares his perspective:

“I am thrilled about LANDEV becoming our inaugural member firm. Having worked with Sean for many years and getting to know Dustin as an exceptional business partner over the past year, I am looking forward to our mutual growth and success. LANDEV is an ideal member, not only because of their expertise but also due to their willingness to share knowledge and collaborate on projects. By joining Archipelago, LANDEV has laid the path for others to follow.”


About Archipelago

Archipelago is a professional services network in the architectural, engineering & construction (AEC) industry that aims to connect member firms, boost productivity, and harness technology to meet the increasing demand for infrastructure and housing. Our mission is to empower firms by sharing knowledge, resources, and expertise, fostering innovation in designing sustainable development for future generations. Join our network today, and let's collaborate to shape a better future for all.