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Archipelago Extends a Warm Welcome to 123 West Design Collective

Archipelago and 123 West logo side by side

Archipelago is proud to welcome 123 West Design Collective to our network, a move that aligns with our commitment to meet the growing demands for infrastructure and housing through innovation and sustainable development.

Under the leadership of Kyle Zimmerman, 123 West Design Collective brings expertise in digital twin modeling using Revit and a focus on using eco-friendly materials such as ICF, strawbale, hempcrete, and reclaimed resources. Their approach to designing sustainable communities complements Archipelago's goals.

Company Background and Projects

Since its founding in 2022, 123 West has broadened its scope from airport terminals and aviation infrastructure to include diverse projects that contribute to sustainable residential and commercial building designs. Their work now spans from Atlanta, Georgia to regions across the Pacific Northwest, including the Olympic Peninsula, the San Juan Islands, Victoria (BC), and Vancouver (BC).

Noteworthy Projects:

  • Mathews Glass Adaptive Reuse: Converting a historic Port Angeles building into a market and studio space.
  • 4PA Touchstone Campus Masterplan: Developing a plan for a non-profit’s temporary housing operations centre.
  • The Amphitheater of Time and Space: Internationally acclaimed design in the Archiol architectural competition.

Looking Ahead

123 West's joining Archipelago facilitates the exchange of expertise, which is expected to improve the quality of their projects and make the design-build process more efficient.

123 West's approach to design and their ability to quickly adapt to project needs will complement the existing capabilities within the Archipelago network. Their involvement is anticipated to provide additional support for unique and complex projects that require out-of-the-box thinking.

Kyle Zimmerman, CEO of 123 West, shared their team's enthusiasm about the collaboration:

“We are excited to join Archipelago because we believe in a partnership approach to tackling complex projects. In a world that becomes increasingly competitive between companies, we see the only way to solve big challenges in engineering and architecture is to have a trusted network around you. Archipelago helps us expand that network at a pace that we couldn’t do alone, and we can’t wait to see how this opens doors for our organization.”


About Archipelago

Archipelago is a professional services network in the architectural, engineering & construction (AEC) industry that aims to connect member firms, boost productivity, and harness technology to meet the increasing demand for infrastructure and housing. Our mission is to empower firms by sharing knowledge, resources, and expertise, fostering innovation in designing sustainable development for future generations. Join our network today, and let's collaborate to shape a better future for all.